We offer a revolutionary, full Christian curriculum called Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), combined with a provincially approved high school program.  This world renowned curriculum is an educational experience based upon individualized instruction, and mastery learning.  In essence, each child is their own class.  They are looked upon as an individual and their needs, abilities and potential are all taken into consideration.  They are not pushed ahead with a class if they are not ready, and are not held back by the class if they are ready to progress.  This individualized approach to education allows a child to learn effectively, giving them a sense of achievement. 


Once a child is enrolled, they are given a diagnostic test to determine at which level they should be working in a particular subject. Once their level is found, they are given a PACE for that subject. This is done for each subject. Each subject in the ACE curriculum is divided into 12 PACEs per year. A PACE looks like a workbook, but it is a combination of text, learning activities, unit tests or check-ups, a self-test and a PACE test. The PACE test is taken under supervision, scored by a staff member, and provides the grade for that PACE. The passing mark for each PACE is 90% for students in grades 1-3, and 80% for subsequent grades. If a student scored below that mark, they repeat the PACE until they master it.

Academic Options

Regular Day
          -Student will attend daily

Flexible Day
          -Student attends 2 scheduled days and                         does all PACE Tests at school
          -1 day option may be discussed

 ACE Home School
  • 1 year worth of curriculum will be provided
  • Facilitator communications (2 visits, 2 calls)
  • Student’s test portfolio must be turned in at year end
 High School
  • Using ACE curriculum the student will graduate with an OMVCS Diploma for either daily attendance or home schooling


  • Using Christian Division, Alberta Distant Education Courses, to achieve an Alberta Diploma by either daily attendance or home schooling

Subjects Offered

  • Math
  • Language Arts (English, Word Building (Spelling), Creative Writing and Literature)
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Bible
  • Gym
  • Art
  • Music
  • Library
  • Group Enrichment Lessons
  • Chapel
  • High School Electives
  • 2nd Language