OMVCS is looking for an Alberta certificated teacher to join our education team. We are a small, private school located in Harmattan, Alberta. The school has served the surrounding community for 38 years, providing a family-like atmosphere and a strong commitment to Christian education and values.

Our school uses the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12. One unique aspect of our school is that it is parent-run, as opposed to being church-run or being subject to another school board. Our school runs Monday-Thursday, 8:30-3:50, with the school closed every Friday.

With around 30 students ranging in age from 4-20 years old, the students play and look out for each other like cousins. We also really appreciate the ministry and care the staff take with each of the children. The A.C.E. program that focuses on individual learning was also of interest to us. With no classes on Friday, we’ve been able to participate in additional things with a consistent three-day weekend.

One of our current teachers, who has served in our school for 10+ years, shared the following unique characteristics that she appreciates about our school:

  • The curriculum is easy to follow.
  •  Lesson planning, grading, and report cards do not take up much time at all in comparison to other schools.
  •  A small family-like environment.
  • You get to know all the parents and siblings of the students, as well as really get to know all the students in the school.
  • Most Fridays are off.
  • Many times I have wished I could go through all the PACEs myself as I keep learning when students go through them.
  • A chance to think outside the typical education box.
  • A chance to personally and spiritually touch the children’s (and some parents’) lives.
  • To bring the salvation message to some who haven’t heard it and to help others grow more deeply who have.
  • It is a wonderful ministry opportunity.